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The Association isestablished under the name of Non Commissioned Officers AssociationOf The Cyprus Army, hereby referred to as The Association.  



The Association‘sheadquarters will be in Nicosia. It is understood that the Association may havebranches.  



TheAssociation’s aims are

  1. to ensure the well-being and/or education of its members and their families
  2. to improve the terms and conditions of employment for its members
  3. to examine, organize, protect, ensure and promote the ethical and other professional interests of its members
  4. to develop interpersonal relations that promote comradeship and solidarity among its members
  5. to educate its members
  6. to purchase, rent or otherwise acquire premises, from which the Association will be operated and directed
  7. to cultivate and establish military awareness and discipline and to apply the safety rules
  8. to promote its members ethically and professionally and to reinforce the relations among its members
  9. to organize and carry out various sports or social gatherings, meetings, seminars and conferences, either among its members or between the Association and other Organizations, Associations or groups of people from Cyprus or abroad
  10. to fund services, projects or activities that the Association considers useful for the promotion of its aims


Itis understood that should the permission or approval of the Minister of Defencebe required to implement any of the above aims, the implementation thereofshall only proceed if the prior permission or approval has been obtained. 

Itis understood that each issue or decision taken by the Association will besubmitted in writing to the General, who will then submit it to the Ministeralong with the necessary suggestions for the completion of the issue inquestion.  

Itis further understood that the Association or any of its members are notallowed to organize, lead, support, encourage and/or take part in any kind ofprotest or strike for any reason whatsoever.  



Themeans by which the above-mentioned aims will be fulfilled and accomplished are: 

  1. the employment of permanent or temporary staff, based on the needs of the Association in order to ensure its smooth functioning as well as remunerating the representatives’ services, which will be occasionally required.
  2. the purchase, lease, acquisition, ownership, exchange, rent or in any way attainment of any kind of property as well as the sale or rent or sub rent to others or the disposal.
  3. by attaining, ensuring, abandoning or providing any rights or privileges, permissions and tasks that the Association deems necessary or beneficial for the promotion of its aims
  4. the obtainment of subscriptions and acceptance of technical, material and financial contributions from various individuals, companies, organizations, institutions, governments from Cyprus or abroad
  5. by borrowing money or granting loans, with or without security
  6. the preservation of good relations and the cooperation with various Governmental Departments and Organizations or with other local or international Organizations that can help or contribute to the promotion of the Association ‘s purposes
  7. the coordination of excursions, gatherings or dances, either in Cyprus or abroad
  8. through fund raising activities that follow the relevant Laws of the time
  9. the preservation of the Association away from political parties and politics
  10. the completion of the Association’s responsibilities as those are stipulated by the 1990 legislation concerning the Army of the Republic and the 1964 legislation on the National Guard, along with their amendments, as well as the regulations issued on the basis of these laws.
  11. by taking any other form of legal action that will contribute to the achievement of the Association’s purposes





All male or femaleofficers of the Cyprus Army are eligible members for the Association. 

It is understood thatno individual is allowed to be a member of the Association if he or she hasbeen convicted by the Court of a felony that involves lack of honesty or wasfound guilty of the crime of treason and/or has violated the principles of theAssociation.  



The Association’smembers are divided into: 

(i) Candidate memberswho have applied for membership but their application has not as yet beenaccepted by the Board of Directors. 

(ii) Regular members  

(iii) Honorarymembers who are elected by the General Meeting with a recommendation by theBoard of Directors for their valuable service to the Association. 



For someone to becomea member s/he must submit an application to the Secretary (Table A) alongwith the sum of EUR10 and s/he immediately becomes a Novice member.  

Within 3 months ofone’s application or during the next meeting of the Board of Directors(depending on which occurs first) and given that the Candidate member fulfilsthe requirements of article 5, the Board of Directors examines his/herapplication and decides whether:  

  1. The application will be accepted and the Candidate Member will be subscribed
  2. The application will be rejected. In such cases the Candidate Member will receive a full refund of his/her money
  3. The trial period will be extended for three more months or until the next meeting (whichever precedes the other) under the condition that the applicant pays an amount equal to ½ of the yearly subscription in order for his/her application to be re-examined.


It is understood thatif any of the members of the Board of Directors objects to the subscription ofa member, s/he will have to support his/her view before the Board of Directors. 



The yearlysubscription fee will be decided by the Annual General Meeting. The annualsubscription fee is currently fixed at EUR 20.  

The annualsubscription fee will be paid through the Republic’s General AccountsDepartment/Departments of Salaries, which will be authorized in writing todeduct the annual subscription fee from the member’s salary and transfer it tothe Association’s account.  



The Association’smembers will be struck off on the decision of an absolute majority of the Boardof Directors.  

  1. Following a written notice of member’s wish to resign.
  2. When a member is no longer a member of the Cyprus Military.
  3. In cases when a member does not pay the annual subscription fee as this is specified in article 8 or in cases when the pending fee is not paid within 30 days from the day that the member is instructed to pay the fee. It is understood that the written notice will be sent to the last known registered address.
  4. If a member is convicted by the Disciplinary Committee.
  5. If the member ceases to be a non commissioned officer because of his promotion to Officer of the Republic’s army.





Upon fulfilment oftheir responsibilities towards the Association, all its members are entitledto:

  1. The benefit of personal respect
  2. To enter and use the Association’s premises and installations
  3. To participate in all the activities organized by the Association
  4. To attend the Association’s General Meetings
  5. To vote and to be voted for election in the Board of Directors.
  6. To receive notices of the Association’s progress in each matter that concerns the profession.



All members areobligated to:

  1. Pay their annual subscriptions as specified in article 8.
  2. Serve the Association’s aims and offer the Association any services that may be required by the Board of Directors, given that these services are within the range of their capabilities
  3. Promote the good name of the Association and ensure that its property is protected and preserved
  4. Respect and behave with ethos, politeness and friendliness towards the other members
  5. Comply with the Board of Directors’ decisions and comply with the relevant Rules and Regulations.





    1. The annual subscription fees of candidate and regular members, the income from various functions, sponsorships, donations and the sale of raffle tickets are considered the Association’s resources.
    2. The amount of the annual subscription fees will be designated by the General Meeting.


It is understood thatthe Association’s accounts will be audited by independent auditors who will beappointed by the Board of Directors.  




The Association’sbodies are:

  1. The General Meeting
  2. The Board of Directors
  3. Subcommittees that will be created based on the order of the Board of Directors, aiming at studying and submitting suggestions for various issues that may concern the Association
  4. The Disciplinary Committee




  1. General Meetings

The General Meetingis the Highest Body of the Association and may occur on an annual,extraordinary or statutory basis. 

  1. Annual General Meetings

The Annual GeneralMeeting takes place during the first quarter of each calendar year at theAssociation’s premises, or wherever the Board of Directors decides. It isconvened by the Board of Directors which notifies its members through all ofthe Republic’s Military units and through a publication of the notice in 2(two) daily newspapers, at least ten days prior to the date of the Meeting. TheGeneral Meeting is responsible for the following tasks: 

  1. Ensuring full attendance of members
  2. Validating the minutes of the previous General Meeting
  3. Corroborating all the actions that took place up to date, by the President of the Board of Directors
  4. The Cashier’s Report, corroborating and approving the financial transactions.
  5. Dealing with the issues that are raised by the members present.
  6. Elections, when these are in order.


  1. Extraordinary General Meeting

It is convened by theBoard of Directors when it is deemed necessary or when the meeting is requestedby the Board of Directors, in writing, by 1/6 of the regular members, and theywill also specify the topic they wish to be examined during the GeneralMeeting. The method of notification will be the same as the method specifiedfor the Annual General Meeting. It is possible for elections to take placeduring a Extraordinary General Meeting.  

  1. Statutory General Meeting

It is convened by theBoard of Directors when it is deemed necessary or when the meeting is requestedby 1/6 of the regular members who simultaneously inform the Board of Directorsabout their suggestions for amendments to the Statute. The notice for theStatutory General Meeting will take place in the same way as the meetingmentioned above and will include the suggested statutory amendments. Thesuggestions for amendments to the Association’s Statute will be the issue ofdiscussion in such Meetings and the decision will be reached when ¾ of themembers present, entitled to vote, agree.  

It is understood thatany Regular Member, who is present during the meeting, is allowed to suggestalterations in the Statute. These may be different from those suggested by theBoard of Directors, given that s/he provides six days’ written notice of thisintention along with the amendments that s/he will suggest. 

It is also understoodthat for a change in the Association’s aims, a majority of ¾  of thesubscribed Regular Members is required.  

It is understood thatthe notices for the above-mentioned meetings will specify the place, date, timeand kind of Meeting.  

It is furtherunderstood that when any statutory change takes place, the Association isobliged to inform the Ministry of Defence in writing as it will keep a recordof the Statute and all its amendments.  



    1. All General Meetings proceed only when there is a quorum. A quorum for an Annual/Extraordinary Meeting is the presence of 1/6 of the Regular Members who are entitled to attend and vote at the Meeting. A quorum for a Statutory Meeting is the presence of 60% of registered members.


Itis understood that if there is not full attendance at the designated time ofthe Meeting, an extension of half an hour is granted.  

    1. The President of the Board of Directors presides the General Meetings.


It is understood thatthe minutes are kept by the Secretary of the Association

and are signed by thePresident of the Association and are recorded into the

Association’s book ofMinutes. The Secretary is also responsible for the

counting of votes.  

C. The decisionsduring the General Meetings (excluding the Statutory

Meetings) are takenby a simple majority of the attending Regular

Members. The votingmay take place either through a poll of hands or

By a secret ballot.  

It is understood thatin the case of elections for the creation of the Board of

Directors, the votingis always conducted by a secret ballot. In the case of a

tie, the President ofthe General Meeting has a casting vote.  



    1. The Board of Directors is the administrative body of the Association and the executive body of the General Meetings. It is also responsible for examining each issue that is related to the aims of the Association as well as making the corresponding decisions of each issue under consideration.
    2. The Board of Directors is composed of thirteen Regular Members that is three male permanent non commissioned officers, three female permanent non commissioned officers, three female voluntary offices, three volunteers of five-year obligation (VFYO) and one Warrant Officer elected as it is in detail reported in article 15 per three-year period as following:


  1. One President who will preside the meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Meetings, guide the procedures and projects and represent the Association, sign any important document and legally represent the Association.
  2. One Vice-President who will replace the president in the case that the latter is unavailable.
  3. One Secretary who will not emanate from the same labour status of President or Treasurer, and who shall be in charge of keeping a complete record of the members, recording the exact minutes of the meetings, keeping archives, completing the correspondence, announcing decisions and, where necessary, overlooking the completion of the decisions made by the Board of Directors and the General Meetings.
  4. One Treasurer who will not emanate from the same labour status of President or Secretary of the Association and will be in charge of keeping the book where the income and expenditure of the Association will be recorded as well as any other accountings books that the Board of Directors deems necessary. He/She will also receive and dispatch payments by issuing proper receipts.
  5. Nine Regular Members
  6. Nine Deputy Members, two from each category apart from one Warrant Officer and they will be elected based on their votes.


It is understood thatin case where the Warrant Officer ceases to be a non commissioned officer, theBoard of Directors will automatically be composed of twelve members.  



  1. The elections for the Board of Directors take place every three years.
  2. Candidacy will be submitted in writing to the President of the departing Board of Directors by 5 p.m. of the sixth day prior to the General Meeting in which the elections will take place. The candidacy should be in the form of TABLE B.
  3. The President of the departing Board of Directors will prepare a list of the candidates and their two (2) supporters.
  4. The elections are the last issue on the agenda and follow the order below:


  1. The President of the Meeting reads the list of candidates and their supporters.
  2. The elections are conducted by secret ballot on voting forms that are stamped with the Association’s logo and signed by the President and the Secretary.
  3. In order for the voting sheets to be valid, the number of crosses on each voting sheet should be equal to, but not greater than, the members of the Board of Directors and with no other mark.
  4. The minutes of the Elections are recorded into the book of Minutes and are signed by the President and the Secretary.
  5. The type of voting form will be determined by the active Board of Directors.




  1. The Board of Directors meets every month, and extraordinarily when convened by the President or when requested by ¾ of the Board’s members.
  2. The President convenes and presides the meetings of the Board of Directors. In the event the President is absent, the Vice-President takes his place.
  3. The decisions of the Board of Directors are taken by majority and in the event  of an equality of votes, the President has a casting vote. The quorum for the Board of Directors is 7 members present, of which one is the President or the Vice-President.
  4. Apart from the duties mentioned in the current statute, the Board of Directors has the power to use all the means and resources that the Association has in order to perform its duties, excluding those that correspond to the General Meeting.


It is understood thatthe power to lend and borrow money is limited to the amount of CYP8.000, 00or EUR13.700, 00; for any amount above the ceiling, the General Meetingshould give its approval, meaning that an approval is also required for thedisposal or sale of the Association’s property. 

  1. The Board of Directors must execute the decisions of the General Meeting, promote the Association’s  aims, apply the Law, the regulations and the statute, control and manage finances effectively under the supervision of registered accountants, complete vacant positions on the Board of Directors, interpret the rules of the Statute and make decisions on any legal matter that is not determined (and/or insufficiently determined) in the current statute, create, man and establish the duties and powers of any committees, keep records of its members, obtain licenses and record the minutes of the Association’s meetings.




    1. The Disciplinary Committee is elected at the same time with the other Bodies of the Association, at the General Meeting and is constituted of three (3) members, whose service lasts for three years and who cannot participate in the Association’s administration.
    2. The Committee is convened by the President of the Board of Directors within a month from its election; it elects the President and meets lawfully in the presence of its President and one of its members.
    3. Upon the request of the Board of Directors, the Disciplinary Committee is in charge of investigating and trying any breaches of the statute and/or Officers who, in the exercise of their profession, have shown a conduct that is inconsistent with the profession of an Army Officer and/or Officers convicted by the Competent Court for an offence that includes lack of honesty or morality.




The DisciplinaryCommittee may impose the following penalties: 

  1. A Written warning, with a notice to all the members of the Association.
  2. Elimination of the offending member from the register of members.




The enforcement ofdecisions is carried out by the Board of Directors of the Association and arefinal.  



The Association has acircular seal with the name “Non Commissioned Officers Association of theCyprus Army”. Within this seal is the insignia of the ranks of the noncommissioned officers and the year of the Association’s foundation “2007”.  

The emblem may beamended with a decision of the Annual General Meeting.  



In the event theAssociation is deleted, dissolved and/or ceases operations, and/or its membersare less than twenty-one (21) and given that all debts have been paid,then all the necessary procedures according to the effective Laws andRegulations are followed, the Association’s assets shall be distributed to charitablefoundations to be determined by the remaining members of theAssociation.  

The Association isdissolved if:

      1. The regular members are less than twenty-one (21).
      2. Following the decision of a majority of 4/5 of the regular members during a General Meeting specially convened for this purpose.



This statute will notbe interpreted and/or implemented in a way that is prohibited by the Law onAssociations and Foundations, the Law on the Cyprus Military, the Law on theNational Guard and the Related Regulatory Administration Acts along with theiramendments.

Any regulation ofthis statute that does not conform to the applicable Laws will become inactiveand will not be implemented by the Association, unless the relevant Laws havebeen amended in such a way as to render its implementation legal.  

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